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Chef Battles Series

Digital Advertising

The Chef Battle series was a project in which we found an outlet to express our diverse understanding and passion for food related content. When we first approached the idea of The Chef Battles, we were tasked with developing  unique, but identifiable content that would help market The Chef Cartel’s brand through live experiences. We executed a marketing campaign that focused on the image of a “raw and real” identity, curated through edgy videos detailing the compelling stories of chefs and their visions for the hospitality industry as a whole. Utilizing these chefs’ passions, the concept of the battles came to fruition, giving competitors an opportunity to showcase their skills in front of a live audience.  The Chef Cartel was then able to capture fantastical candid moments, allowing us to provide grassroots exposure to a multitude of partnering brands. We used our expertise in digital media production to help grow and develop our presence across all social platforms, transforming The Chef Cartel into the media agency it is today.


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