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We are a creative power house.

  • User Experience Design

  • Web Development

  • Media Buying  

  • Search Engine Optimization/
    Search Engine Marketing

  • Analytics

  • Email and Social Advertising

  • Digital Strategy

Innovative businesses are fuelled through strategic digital marketing platforms that connect them emotionally with their target demographics. Our team of dynamic tacticians not only produce digital content, but conceptualize the ideas behind creative campaigns finding effective ways to deliver them to the audiences that demands them most.  Understanding the industry we work within is the first step in bringing a user friendly interface to our clients’ customers, making it easy to connect people to the products they need.

  • Strategy and Planning

  • Content Creation

  • Community Engagement

  • Influencers

  • Analytics and Insights

  • Media Planning and Buying

In the modern world of mass communication, the quality of your product is really just the first step in growing a sustainable brand.  Through technology and social media, entrepreneurs’ customer proximity can extend far beyond their local neighbourhoods, reaching potential customers nationwide and into international markets.  We specialize in formulating captivating campaigns that continually engage
your current, and potential core consumers. Whether it be through creditable viral content, or direct to consumer outreach, our team of industry veterans have their fingers on the pulse of the community.

  • Festivals

  • In-Store Activations

  • Sponsorship Alignments

  • Strategy and Planning

  • Event Production

  • Environmental Design

Our current environment seems to be capturing our attention through sensory overload, making it easy for your brand’s message to be overshadowed by the sheer number of products and services available.
We not only curate fantastic events to help glide through the commotion of the fast paced world we live
in, but we focus on bringing people together to instill the passion we share with our clients as well as
the entrepreneurial community.  If you are looking to showcase your product directly to the consumer,
we know how, where and when to make it happen.

  • Creative Concepts

  • Strategy and Planning

  • Branding

  • Content Production

  • Campaign Partnerships

Being a full service agency, the Chef Cartel is creative and design powerhouse.  From conceptualization, all the way through to launch, we handle everything internally, giving our team of project managers and designers a truly intimate perspective on your vision.  A brand is more than just a product, and we strive
to highlight every single aspect of your business. In all of the content we create from websites, to window dressings and promotional materials your values are always the main focus.  It is our relentless goal
to showcase our hard work, continually redefining success and bringing your business to the attention
of new consumers every single day.